Rural America has not had its day. Watching a Tennessee county turn things around. Google can be life altering - and life-like 


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One: Rural America, a lost cause? University of North Carolina research fellow Brian Dabson pushes back on the claim while offering insights to non-urban communities interested in building new futures. LISTEN

Two: As a Tennessee county works its way up from near the bottom of the good lists and down from the top of the bad ones, what are the lessons for E. Kentucky counties in similar straits? A conversation with Daily Yonder editor Tim Marema. LISTEN

Three: You might be amazed to discover just how many tools Google has developed - some life altering and life-like. We sort through the Google digital toolbox with Lexington's Scott Clark, among only a handful of professionals who have been involved with Internet marketing since the dawning of the world wide web. LISTEN

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