Program for September 3, 2020 

Child vaccinations have declined in Kentucky since the pandemic struck in March | How Berea Schools are reopening | Some backstory on the newly renamed Henry Tandy A. Centennial Park, formerly known as Cheapside Park | Silas House's take on the good and the bad  of what we're going through | Did you know? Kentucky horse race tracks once resembled dragstrips 

Segment One: Vaccinations | School reopenings | Cheapside Park renaming - LISTEN 

Segment Two: Future Tense with Silas House | A look at early horse racing in Kentucky - LISTEN 

Interviews and features in order of appearance: 

Tom Martin with Dr. Dale Toney 

Tonya May with Dr. Diane Hatchett 

WEKU's Stu Johnson on renaming of Cheapside Park in honor of Henry A. Tandy 

Future Tense host Chris Begley with author Silas House 

Tom Martin with MSU professor Gary O'Dell on early horse racing in Kentucky

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