Hep A Outbreak; Author Silas House; Kentucky Wage Gap; More 

On this edition of Eastern Standard: 

  • The hepatitis A outbreak in at least a dozen Kentucky counties is now the worst in the nation. We’ll hear about the response from the food industry.  
  • WEKU's Cheri Lawson visits with author Silas House about his new book, Southernmost.  

  • We’ll peer around the future’s next corner for a look at what’s ahead in manufacturing.  
  • A new project in West Virginia to make good use of coal waste - while a new health study finds the surge in cases of black lung disease especially concentrated among coal miners in Central Appalachia. We'll have reports from Brittany Patterson and Jeff Young of the Ohio Valley Resource.  
  • Becca Schimmel of member station WKYU on a new study detailing the Kentucky wage gap.  
  • And, something completely different - yet, completely familiar.

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