Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative 

(L to R) Tom Martin joined by Mary Meehan of the Ohio Valley Resource, and Jeff Hawkins, Founder and Director of KVEC, to discuss the Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative. 

Defunding Public Education 

(L-R) Dr. Robert King, President of KY council on Postsecondary Education; Tom Martin; & Linda Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader Education Reporter

Pilot Shortage and EKU Aviation  

(L-R) Dennis Sinnett, EKU Aviation Coordinator; Tom Martin, Eastern Standard host; Dr. Willi Walker - Co-Founder of EKU Aviation School

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News Literacy  

Guests: Lexington Herald-Leader columnist and president of the Bluegrass Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, Tom Eblen; former Harper's editor Lewis Lapham, now editor of Lapham's Quarterly and a special issue entitled "A History of Fake News"; Kate Howard…

City of Literature 

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Lexington, Kentucky is preparing a second application to become a UNESCO "City of Literature." Guests: Neil Chethik and Jayne Moore Waldrop of the Carnegie Center for Learning and Literacy; Kentucky Post…

Adderall Addiction 

Guests: Vitale Buford. Vitale has overcome a 10-year addiction to prescription drugs as well as an eating disorder, and says she has transformed her life; Dr. Stephen Lamb - a Lexington psychiatrist who specializes in addictive behavior; Dr. Melissa Bartsch…

Autism Spectrum  

Guests: Amanda Ralston, a board certified behavior analyst specializing in treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities; Dr. Sally Shepley, who has taught adolescents with severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in public school and is now an…

Sexual Harrassment 

Guests: Lisa Day, Director of Women and Gender Studies at EKU; Jennifer Johnson from the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center; Lisa Haneberg, Human Resources specialist with Ontrack Management Group in Lexington

(L-R) Tom Martin, Lisa Day, (Eastern Standard Assoc…

Shared Work Spaces 

Guests: Tim Guthrie, a principal of Base 110; Angela Baldridge heads up The Plantory; Nick Such, a co-founder of Awesome, Inc. and Phil Holoubek, owner of Premier Executive Centers.

(L-R) Tom Martin, Angela Baldridge, Nick Such, Tim Guthrie