Program for September 24, 2020 

“We must make America what America says it is.” A new series debuts with a focus on racial justice and equality | How the pandemic is aggravating the gap between Kentucky’s rich and poor school districts | A superintendent prepares…

Program for September 17, 2020 

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The Quarantine Psyche, Part 2 | KY warned again about antibiotic overuse | Chris Begley with Dan Wu: an SOS on behalf of restaurants | New Blog "Un-Tucks" Kentucky. 

Interviews in order of appearance 

Tom Martin with Dr.

Program for September 10, 2020 

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What is this thing we’re experiencing? Some call it “quarantine fatigue.” We explore the symptoms and coping strategies with Psychiatry chair Seth Himelhoch | How Kentucky’s largest school district is managing under pandemic conditions with Supt. Marty Pollio…

Program for September 3, 2020 

Child vaccinations have declined in Kentucky since the pandemic struck in March | How Berea Schools are reopening | Some backstory on the newly renamed Henry Tandy A. Centennial Park, formerly known as Cheapside Park | Silas House's take on…

Program for August 27, 2020 

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What a 43-county survey finds happening in Kentucky’s child welfare system under pandemic conditions | Our series on reopening schools in a pandemic takes us to the Corbin Independent School System and Superintendent David Cox | The Kentucky…

Program for August 20, 2020 

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It’s Carrie Ballinger’s first school year as Superintendent of Schools in Rockcastle County. And a pandemic is making everything unpredictable. The latest in our series of interviews with teachers and superintendents working to reopen schools | Child care…

Program for August 13, 2020 

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What is it like to teach as a deaf person who relies on lip-reading and facial expression to communicate in a time when everyone is wearing masks? | What are the implications of masking for children’s cognitive development…

Program for August 6, 2020 

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Hitting the ground running: Jason Glass, Kentucky's new Commissioner of Education steps into a leadership role freighted with concerns about the future of public education under pandemic conditions. | Listen to the heart and soul of a dedicated…

Program for July 30, 2020 

Sallie Showalter (back to camera) and Jim Bannister (Photos by Bobby Shiflet)

Sallie Showalter and Jim Bannister (back to camera)

Segment One: 

The descendants of the accused and accuser sit down in Paris, Kentucky for a courageous conversation about a…

Program for July 23, 2020 

Segment One: Is the removal or relocation of Confederate statues an erasure or revision of history? Or a correction of the historical record? Two Civil War historians weigh in.  LISTEN 

Segment Two:  Uncertainty is a constant companion of Kentucky teachers…

Program for July 16, 2020 

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So much uncertainty and confusion as the school year nears. Our series of conversations with teachers continues. Cynthia Resor talks with Clay County math teacher Aaron Asher | They might as well re-name this education program “Game…

Program for June 18, 2020 

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  • Kentucky company uses data to predict, prepare for natural disasters
  • Effects linger from Eastern Kentucky's Easter Flood 
  • Lee Todd Series: How Advance Kentucky advances Kentucky
  • EKU Psychology Chair announces retirement, reflects on key developments in the field