Superbugs・Super Music ・Super Humans (of Central Appalachia) 

A dancer in a northern Ghana village visited by the organizers of world music concerts in Lexington

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One: Kentucky has the nation's highest rate of antibiotics over-use. An interview about a statewide campaign to reverse the trend…

Big boost for an EKU aviation program・Aligning education and the job market・A Struggle Toward Freedom・Help for future Kentucky exporters ・Lifeline for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault・Latest cellphone scam 

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One: An interview with Elizabeth Leonard, author of Slaves, Slaveholders and a Kentucky Community's Struggle Toward Freedom LISTEN

Two: Wavelength adjustment: education and the job market. How the business community hopes to better connect with the classroom…

Steadman retrospective coming to Lexington ・ Group purchasing of solar power ・ The shortcomings at KY OSHA ・ Coal employment at all-time low ・ Pikeville's painful loss: EnerBlu ・ Debating with body language 

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One: The shortcomings at KY OSHA ・ Coal employment at all-time low  ・ Pikeville's painful loss: EnerBlu  LISTEN

Two: Group purchasing of solar power  LISTEN

Three ・ Ralph Steadman retrospective is coming to Lexington ・ Debating with…