Program for February 11, 2021 

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“The talk.” Berea College professor Dwayne Mack discusses the day-to-day of parenting and growing up Black in an inhospitable world. |  Corinne Boyer with Part One of a series on addiction in a pandemic | “Too many not reading at grade level by 3rd grade.” Dreama Gentry and Leslie Graham discuss a solution: rural libraries | EKU Chemistry Prof Judy Jenkins on transitioning a university campus to solar power | Author Leah Hampton talks about the familiar small town characters of her book, “F#*kface.” 

Interviews in order of appearance: 

Corinne Boyer - Opioid epidemic during a coronavirus pandemic, part II 

Gerald Smith - Racial Justice and Equality Series 

 Dreama Gentry, Leslie Graham - Why 3rd grade reading is so critical and how rural libraries can make a difference 

Judy Jenkins - Big new solar farm at EKU and what it portends for the future of powering a university campus 

Leah Hampton - The vivid, familiar characters of her book, “F#*kface.”

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