Program for December 24, 2020 

(Photo by WSAZ)

Neighbors helping neighbors keep their businesses afloat | A for-profit and a non-profit partner to bring change to the nutrition of a next generation of Eastern Kentuckians |How one who has made his fortunes in coal is now giving back | The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg is celebrated in the latest offering in our series on the 19th Amendment | And how suitcases and hair are making differences in the lives of foster children and kids battling cancer. 

Interviews in order of appearance: 

Lora Smith - Downtown Stimulus Fund 

Amy Samples, Alissa Taylor - A powerful partnership to improve rural nutrition 

Lee Todd, Jennifer Carter - All about MSU's Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Math 

Kathi Kern, Jennifer Bird-Pollan - Celebrating the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

WEKU's Stu Johnson - Suitcases and hair for kids in need


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