Program for April 1, 2021

The Brood X Cicada (Stephen Jaffe/AFP via Getty Images) 

 It's been a year. What's been happening in cooped up households? We. think we can make a good guess in general terms, but for a more focused look we turn to Tracy Werner-Wilson at UK's Couple and Family Therapy Program, Lexington Family Law attorney Anita Britton, and the Rising Center, a safe haven for survivors of domestic abuse. | The art of blacksmithing will be on full display in Cumberland Gap and we'll get the details | The Brood X cicadas are due to emerge after 17 years underground. We hear from UK entomologist Jonathan Larson, who does a mean cicada imitation.  

Interviews and features in order of appearance: 

Tracey Werner-Wilson - Pandemic drives demand for family therapy 

Anita Britton - Family Law attorney on the pandemic and fragile marriages 

Jamie Shepherd - A report on domestic abuse in the isolation of the pandemic 

Hammer in the Gap - Organizer Zachary Greene / Blacksmith Owen Riedesel 

Jonathan Larson - They're coming: Brood X Cicadas

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